Friday, December 26, 2008

An Interview

Interviewed with a biotech company today. My follow-up letter was as follows:

Dear (removed),

Please share my thanks to (removed) as well for your time (and lunch) this afternoon.

Your investors expect results, and that I will provide. My activities, if chosen to work for you, will always be in the best interest:

1. For Public Health
2. For (removed)
3. For my Region

Public health (patient care) will always be number one if I work for you.

We had discussions about ethics and legalities involved in our industry. By not compromising these variables, I am working for your best interests, and for your employer. This stance has yet to fail me in my profession.

I do need a job, (removed) And I wish to work for you. You will be without regrets if I am chosen.

Thank you,

Dan Abshear
Phone: 636-639-1027

It's amazing how one evolves.....

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