Friday, December 26, 2008

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

On A Personal Note:

I wrote this some time ago about my daughter and hope you enjoy the read:

Source of Light

For many years now, my daughter and I pay a visit to a doughnut shop located in the city in which we live and is in a building that is at least a century old that exists in an older section of this city that we have lived in for close to six years now.

These visits typically take place on mornings before she goes to school for the day. This doughnut shop has become a ritualistic experience for both of us, as it is located next to very old train tracks that are still functioning and frequently allow us to experience a train or two to race down these tracks during our visit at this shop, which is entertaining and amazing for both of us.

This whole event allows my daughter on many occasions to express enlightening ideas about complex questions that have plagued mankind for thousands of years, such as the true nature of god. Or the origin of life. Questions that could be considered to be rare, considering that they are authentically originated from a girl who has been at such a young age over these past few years, which has been done since the age of 6.

As a consequence, her thoughts and ideas involving such concepts have been a catalyst for myself, her father, to ponder these very topics with her, which have unfortunately been progressively more infrequent than for this inspiring girl who speaks such thoughts. The dialogues that follow are meaningful and are an examination of both of our lives, as well as others.

So my daughter’s thoughts and ideas have reinvigorated my own contemplation on such ideas and, as a result, have made me more amazed at life itself and less cynical than before these visits began. This, of course, is a very positive trait to have in one’s life. In my case, a life that presently is experiencing the old age of youth, as Victor Hugo once said of one who is forty years of age.

The story above is evidence on the benefits of spending time with your children for the well-being of the chile and parents alike. I remain in a statement of amazement.

Dan Abshear

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