Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Why I Continue To Write

"Everyone should check out Dan Abshear's post under the discussion board on patient/caregivers rights. . . and I mean everyone, i.e., patients, advocates, providers, reps, etc. It's one of the most concise pieces on the topic I've ever read, born of experience." --- Dr. Mark

This was a compliment I recently discovered about an article I wrote some time ago, and the compliment was from Mark Meaney. Mark is CEO of The National Institute For Patient Rights, an advocacy group that strives to protect those in need of the restoration of their health.

I was moved and flattered by his compliment- by a man in such a position doing such great things for those most in need.

So I continue to share information with others for their benefit because of compliments such as this.

Thanks again, Mark

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