Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Pharma Blog Review, by Chris Truelove (www.pharmalive.com):

Here’s an interesting post from Dan Abshear at Pharm Rep Clinic, although I don’t know how recent it is: A Brief Manifesto Designed for Newer Pharmaceutical Representatives.

Some words of wisdom from Mr. Abshear: Never park your free car closest to the entrance of a doctor’s office or clinic; if you have an opportunity to be invited into the medical office to ‘check samples’, which means an opportunity to speak with the doctor, read the environment in this patient treatment area; learn about law relevant to your profession as a pharmaceutical representative.

“As with others, I’ve read statements from pharmaceutical representatives on Cafepharma,” he says. “I know your concerns as a pharmaceutical representative, as well as the ridiculous activities you are required to do by your employer at times that either appear or in fact are rather pointless.

With this said, I suggest you not be in a constant state of understandable anger or unhappiness as you work during the day. People are more transparent that you may realize (psychopaths are an exception).

Those in the medical community that you interrupt (and you do) would rather not view you as upset or joyless. Attempt to make yourself in a presentable mood before entering a medical location. You might actually make another’s day. Try gently to make medical staff laugh appropriately, for example.”

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