Sunday, June 7, 2009

Interest Conflicted

Conflicts of interests are not judged subjectively. They either exist, or they do not. It's a situation in which the regard for one duty leads to disregard of another, potentially or actually.

Essentially, in medicine, this is gifting, or the intent of gifting, and will likely affect the reliability of the receiver while providing benefit to the gifter. Gifting is also known as bribing.

As such, the receiver is now conflicted, compromised, and their best judgment is now clouded. Clinical research with pharmaceutical companies are examples of conflicts of interests.

Falsifying clinical research that is entirely premeditated by such criminals, as well as not sharing if not destroying negative data that may reflect their product is in fact a panacea screams conflicts of interests.

Why does this progressively occur, this bastardization of the scientific method?

Guidelines, if they exist, are intentionally ignored, as the manipulators have bought an atmosphere of profitable autonomy.

The revolving door between say congress and the DOJ with huge law firms that represent criminals and wrongdoers shouts tacitly “we are the poster children for conflicts of interest”, by allowing such autonomy to exist.

There has been a marriage made in hell. As a result, the health of others is not restored or harmed.

And no one stops this atrophy from happening- this toxic and anaphylactic death that is happening to our medical innovation, or lack of it existing at all.

Dan Abshear

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