Thursday, June 21, 2012

Letters From My Fiancee Carol

These are handwritten letters from my fiancee, Carol. We've been together for about a year, and we show no sign of slowing down, with our love for each other. Every week, I hand write Carol a letter, and mail this to her with a card. And she writes me back as well. Her words to me warm my heart. In no particular order, here are some letters Carol has written me: Hello my love, Look at me- I'm writing you a letter. Expect the unexpected. Today, Julia and I went to Jelly Belly candy company for a free tour and free candy. It was something to do. I can tell already that she wishes she was in school again. And I wish I was with you. You would not believe how much I miss the weekends we had together. I felt I was in utopia. Being with you means more than I can express into words. When we are together, I feel not a care in the world. As you can see, I am being one of those nick maes you call me: Icon girl. LOL. I keep hoping our ship comes into port soon. As you can tell, I can be very impatient when it comes to our happiness and well being. I cannot thank you enough for moving closer to be near me. I just wish your situation was better for you. Hopefully, that woman you talked to can get you into the Guest House, where they can offer you better ways to secure employment. I am trying as well to get a job, but I have a barrier that is slowing down any opportunity I may have, and that is my age. Who wants to hire anyone this old. Oh well, I must keep trying. I cannot wait to see you my love on Tuesday. My week is just plain blah when I don't see and feel your presence. I love you so much, Dan. I visualize the days when we are together permanently. Waking up and saying good night to each other is what I crave so badly. Yes, we have to be patient for that day, but I can still think about it. I cannot wait to see you with your new eyeglasses. I bet you look good. Every night when I go to sleep, I pretend I am laying beside you with my head resting comfortably on your chest. Talk about paradise...... When I wake up in the morning, I pretend you are with me, and I'm just staring at you. I kiss you gently, as you open your eyes. And then we smile at each other. No words are spoken. I shall be going now, but I will never be gone from you, my love. Forever is what we are. I love my Dan, and I can't wait till or for that day we are together forever. Love, Carol (typist and ADD girl) Hello honey, Look at that! I am writing you a letter. I felt like expressing myself better than I have. I am so happy we are together Dan, but the thoughts I have about you touching me come strong, so I am sorry if I sound a bit anxious about our situation. It's that I love you more than I have expressed to you, and sometimes my feelings take over. I am being a bit selfish, but when someone like you comes into my life unexpectedly........ Sometimes I can't control myself. I never met anyone like you. I seriously thought that was it for me, and then you entered my life, and showed me that it's not over. I cherish every text message and phone call that we make, or I should say send to each other. The thought of you triggers strong and happy feelings of euphoria throughout my body and soul. It's a great feeling- knowing someone like you cares and loves me. For years, I have been wondering around this life. then, you find me, and rescue me from a life that I thought would be a life of being alone. I don't know what or who brought us together, but somehow they knew we belong together. I know we will one day be together in the flesh. When I see you, I will probably break down and cry like a baby. I have never cried so many happy tears for someone as I have cried for you. In a way, I think that was what I needed to do. I have held so much in me for too long. I dreamed all my life to have someone like you to share the rest of my days with. And now, we do. I don't look back on my life to see what I didn't have. I am looking forward to what we have now, and life looks very promising for us. I love you Dan, and I thank you for make me the happiest I have ever felt in my 49 yeas of life. We are with each other till the end, Me. Hey Dan, How's everything? I am watching the Detroit Lions battle the New Orlean Saints in a playoff game. Not too thrilling. Mom likes watching football. In fact, she is the one who got me interested in the Packers way back when. Bless her heart. Today, Julia, my mother, and I went to the library to film the project for Julia's right to passage onto the tenth grade. We had a blast. She set up her tripod and camera, and then said, 'roll em'. I had to pretend I was a student who had trouble drawing a heart. My mom was the art teacher who showed me the correct way to draw one. When I was successful, I yelled, 'yeah!' Now she just has to edit it and put it all together. She seems like a natural behind the camera. The other day when you were feeling very depressed, I sensed it from I don't know what. but it made me very sad. When you hurt, I hurt. I think that's maybe why I had two bad dreams in a row. Rather bad nightmares, I should say. but for some reason, the dreams involved my ex husband. He went back to the way he was when we were divorcing, and it was scary. Luckily, I was able to wake up from the nightmares. It was so nice talking to you tonight. You sound so much better, then a few days ago. I know what you are experiencing has to be worse than hell. When I hear your voice, I see your face, and it sends happy sensations throughout my soul. I said soul- LOL. I feel you have showed me I have a soul, but it took someone like you to realize I do have one. Thank you, honey. I am glad you enjoyed the card and candy I sent to you. The candy is a reminder how sweet you are to me. I know I should save my money, but I feel if I can sweeten your life a bit by sending candy, I will. You make doing nice things for you very easy. If I could, I would mail myself via priority mail. That would be awesome! I am learning to be patient. It's just hard for me when somebody good enters my life. I tend to want you more and more, which is great. Our next meeting is going to be awesome- maybe better than our first time, which was the best 48 hours of my life. I will probably hear fireworks again- LOL. Every day, seventeen hours of my day, are spent thinking of you, Dan. No matter where I am or what I am doing, thoughts of you are in my head, which I think is not so bad. You help to make my days so much better. One day, we won't have to be thinking, for we will be united permanently. I can't get over how Julia calls me and writes my name as Carol Abshear. She must be as happy as me, now that we have found each other. It makes her feel better when she sees that her mom is happy, and in a pleasant moo all the time. You know what and who has caused this to happen: THGWTFDS (The Hot Guy Way The Fuck Down South). I guess it is time for me to retire for the night. I surely miss you holding me tight at night. I felt like I was totally gone from any responsibilities when we were together for those 48 hours that were the best time I ever had in my life. Your warm and sweet touch is something I yearn for every night and day. Waking you up and waking up to you lying there is a feeling that I cannot explain. To see your handsome face and to feel you breathe is heaven. I love you, Dan, like I have never loved anyone before. We have something going on that people envy and wish for all their lives, like I yearned for until I met you. We will be together, honey. Until then, messaging, calling, and writing help to make that day come sooner. I cannot wait till that day arrives. I love you so much, Carol Today, I received a hand written letter from the new and final love of my life, Carol, as well as some treats and candy from her, along with a card. Recently, I got a job and a better place to stay, and the love of my life is very happy about that. I live with other guys now, so Carol made us some cookies and brownies. She and I met on this site, and we finally got together for two days of heaven, a couple of months ago. I proposed to her those two days we had, and she thankfully said yes. Unfortunately, Carol lives a few hundred miles away from me now. Thankfully, however, we are able to chat and speak every day, which we do often. I never thought I would find a girl who actually loves me. With the exception of one girl from my youth, the rest I feel did not love me in any way that I could detect. Here is what she wrote me, and my heart is warmed by the words she shared with me here: Hey Honey, Just a little something coming your way to share with your buddies to brighten up this dismal holiday. I tried to fit into the box, but no more room for me. I am so elated about the good opportunities finally coming your way. You of all people deserve it. Life rolls on in mysterious ways, but I absolutely love it is rolling for us. I love you, honey, and how I wish I could be celebrating the holidays together, but our time will happen eventually. Take care and know that I will always be here for you. Yours forever, Carol Carol and I see each other when we can. And occasionally, we get the money together to have for a weekend in a hotel. Here is about our first weekend together, which happened in the fall of last year: She picks me up at a certain location, I smile, and kiss and hug her. This was the first time she and I ever met in person. We met on Facebook this past Summer. I held her hand, as we walked to her car. We drive to steak and shake, and laugh with the waitresses there. We immediately achieve comfort with each other. We go to our hotel room, and make love immediately. We talk and laugh until the pizza arrives. We eat the pizza, while drinking orange crush. We make love again, followed by more laughing and talking. The following morning, we go to waffle house, and enjoy our breakfast, while laughing with the waitresses. We then do some shopping, and pick out an engagement ring for her. I proposed to her, and she thankfully said yes, quite confidently. We then go back to our hotel room, make love, and talk and laugh some more. We then head to outback steakhouse for an early dinner. We continue to make the waitresses laugh there, and we shared some ice cream there, dripping with chocolate sauce. We head back to our hotel room, make love, and talk and laugh some more. Sunday morning consisted of making love a few times, when not laughing and talking. She left this day, so we held each other quite a bit. I miss her deeply now, and await the next time we are together. Talk about a perfect weekend......

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