Tuesday, September 1, 2009


The following was composed by me at 3 a.m. this morning at a flea market where I await to be a vendor. Why? Because less than three weeks ago, my wife of 20 years, who I have known for 30 years, filed a restraining order against me for absolutely nothing. She claimed abuse and violence from me against her. I never have caused, or threatened, abuse or violence against my wife. I'm selling what few possessions I have in order to eat. I am unemployed, and sleeping in my car now:

I kid you not. The order is possible due to the Violence Against Women Act Of 1994. Clinton was looking for votes to get re-elected, so he got them from radical feminists who have the atonomy to punish those as myself based on the weakest evidence there is, which is hearsay. A woman can simply walk in to a law enforcement institution, and say that she is scared of her spouse, and he will get, and they will encourage, a restraining order.

Shock and devastation are very weak words to decribe fully how I feel presently. This nightmare continues- this surreal abyss.

The day after my wife prevented me from entering my home, or seeing my daughter with this restraining order, my wife vacated my home with most of its contents and moved in with her lesbian drug addict lover. Another unknown.

We have an 11 year old daughter I greatly love. I now cry nightly, and cry with great strength, due to what has been inflicted upon me with deliberate intent by one who is most intimate with me. I thought. I cry due to my longing and concern for my daughter.

Due to my state of mind at the time, I violated repeatedly the restraining order I was given that I did not, and do not, acknowledge, within days. I did this by attempting to email my wife, as well as care for my vacant home due to my restriction from both due to this absurd Act.

As a result, I was arrested, and put in the worst county jail in their psych unit. I had never been to jail or arrested in the past, so the feel of cold metal against my wrists and ankles, along with colder metal bars in front of me instead of most welcome sunshine, was most unpleasant. This lasted for an entire week.

Passion and salesmanship, along with tactical planning, reduced my sentence to a week from 60 days. A reminder- I committed no crime.

I considered writing this note soon after this awful life stressor, but considered myself days afterwards void of objectivity to annotate aseptically until this time.

Here is what one should consider when a psychopath atrophies you in such a way:


Likely, you and your spouse are in a lot of financial debt if you get issued a restraining order. Your spouse gets a cheap divorice through the Violence Against Women Act, and the spouse assures custody of any children- along with other tactical advantages regarding the divorice your spouse likely will file against you.

Guess what? Likely, you will get issued a restraining order for weeks initially, that will manifest into an entire year due to this Act from hell. So likely, you become exonerated from any financial debt concerns in large part because you cannot respond to those you owe. No one relevant to this can contact you due to the order.

The ones you owe likely do not know how to reach you after you receive a restraining order. Those you owe should not contact you at work. You may be financially relieved due to this restraining order against you. Likely, your spouse will file for bankruptcy for joint debt, and that is that.


Im a terrific father with great joy to my daughter as I managed a very unstable and substandard mother of this fantastic girl. Due to my gender, there is not a chance in hell I'll get custody of my daughter after a divorice. So here is what you may want to consider doing: Likely, your spouse that implemented this cruelty upon you is plain evil. This spouse likely has evil friends of their gender.

Cautiously, know where these evil friends of your spouse live. Likely, some of these friends use illegal drugs, or are abusers themselves. Find out when your spouse brings your child at the location of such friends for various reasons.

At that time, call the police, and make a report. You will not commit perjury by doing this. Say you hear screams from the friend's house- or smell something metallic, or smell pot. Anything like this. Be creative. Be intelligent.

Choose the friends of your spouse wisely. If you are lucky, cops arrive at the friend's house and busts the friend for such crimes mentioned earlier. Since your offspring are at this house during the bust, they are put in state custody. And guess what? The Division Of Family Services contacts you to retrive your offspring, my friend. They will reach you, most likely. This game plan is a stretch, but worth considering.

I'm not a vindictive person. I care about the utopic well-being of my daughter. As such, I'm tactically planning though my tremendous pain presently. This is why I share this with you.

Thank you.


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