Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pen Pals Follow Up

The following are letters from my daughter Hayley that I have annotated here word by word with what she wrote to me when I was wrongfully incarcerated due to a false restraining order issued against me by her mother. I'm a very lucky father, yet a very unfortunate husband:

OK- the first letter I got from Hayley after I initially contacted her through the mail while in jail:

Hi!!!! I miss you so much! How have you been? I hope good. School is going awesome for me. I'm getting good grades, and I've made tons of new friends! What about you- what have you been doing these days (running from her mother....)? Well, I miss you sooooo much, and I love you very much, too. I hope I get to see you soon! With love, Hayley Abshear

Her P.S. at the end of this letter completely wrecked me in jail, as it does now:

"P.S: Everything's gonna be OK- no matter what.

I then wrote Hayley back and established that we are now pen pals. She absolutely loved this new element to our relationship. She then wrote the following to me afterwards:

Dear daddy- Hey!! What's up! Wait! I almost forgot! We are pen pals- YAAAYYY!!!!! (smiley face). Ha ha ha- we are awesome! So guess what? My progress report has 3 As, 2 Bs, and a C. Sorry about the C.

Science is just not my subject! (frown face). Well, have you been good (I'm in jail at the time....)? I have. Oh, and another thing: I took a SRI test at my school and found out that I read at a 9TH GRADE READING LEVEL- isn't that awesome?

Well, I love you soooo much, and I hope to see you soon. Love always, Hayley. P.S: Please write me back! I LOVE being pen pals with you (heart symbol).

This letter was about 3 times as long as her original letter to me- and is more upbeat. I'm glad I had this effect on Hayley. The next letter from Hayley was after I sent her beautiful pictures drawn by my cell mate, Tommy. They were very cool:

Dear Daddy- Hey, what's up! I LOVED those drawings you sent me! They were so pretty! Thanks so much! So yeah, thanks for the pep talk bout science. but guess what? I brought my grade up to a B! YAY!!!!

So I'm glad you are so much better, and I'm so proud of you for that- keep it up! So I'm glad you made a new friend- tell him thank you for the drawings, and that they are presently hanging in my locker! YAY!!!!

Oh, and that I said, 'hi'. So I love being pen pals with you, and would love to continue. So write me back! I love you! Love always, Hayley. P.S: I'm being a guitar for halloween- isn't that cool?

I remain forbidden from contacting Hayley now through this method and all others. The law is now damaging my daughter, and this pisses me off, and there is nothing I can do about this.

Her last letter to me was over a month ago. I have no idea how my own daughter is doing right now, and she not getting mail from me anymore now pains me greatly, as with Hayley, I'm sure.


Keith said...

my god i feel for you so deeply i have tears running down my cheeks this is so sick i would love to fly there and kick those peoples asses who are doing this to you and your daughter.

these big interfering goverments need to be destroyed asap

Quiact said...

Thanks Keith