Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Compliment

Julia Schopick, founder of

See Dan Abshear's excellent article on Whistleblowers who blog @

When people complain about bloggers, saying that blogs don't contain reliable information, I tell them that blogs often contain MORE reliable info than is contained in many mainstream media (MSM) publications.

Thanks to Dan and Lee (Einer) for "telling it like it is."


Julia Schopick said...

Dan: What a nice surprise to find my compliment on your blog. Tis wonderful! And thanks, too, for mentioning Lee Einer. Isn't he terrific? On my website, I actually have a section I call "The SiCKO Files." Lee's interview and his columns are all there. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

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Bruce Sallan said...

Boy is that the truth that msm are unreliable for ANYTHING but their often and usually very biased agendas - especially the big guys like the networks, CNN, and The New York Times. Such a change in my lifetime from what used to be reporting vs. what is now advocating!