Monday, January 11, 2010

Hayley's Words

As many know, I'm unable to see my daughter right now due to a very toxic domestic issue in my life. While forbidden to do so, I've written my daughter Hayley. I was unaware as to whether she had read my letters to her or not.

It turns out she has received my letters with great joy. Hayley is also pleased I share these letters with the world, and this would be you, the readers.

This is what Hayley wrote to me:

Dear Daddy,


How are you! I am so sorry I haven't wrote you back in awhile. Mom has been giving me your letters that you have been sending me. I keep them all!!!

Hey- can you believe I'm 5'5" tall!!! So I'm not quite as tall as you, but I'm close.

So, how was your trip- was it fun?

How was your bus ride in the rain at the coffee shop?

It makes me so happy to know that you share your letters with people! ha ha ha- it's so funny how your driver sings on the bus.

I hear that some of the drivers on the busses at my school sing too!!

I am so glad you are with someone that makes you happy! I miss the times we have had together. We had some great times!

Oh! By the way, are your hands soft? I love it when people put stuff on my hands. They're soft forever!

I've read so many books this year, and I'm doing great in all of my classes. Guess what? I have a 12th grade reading level! Awesome, right?

Well, I hope you know I love you very much and miss you a lot. I hope to see you soon. And plz write me back.

Love always,

Hayley A.

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