Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dear Hayley: Carpe Diem

Hi Hayley!

I'm on vacation right now with Jacki at a place she went to college a long time ago, so I thought I'd write you once again.

We are staying at the Hilton hotel, which is one of the nicest hotels to stay at in the country. From some time ago, I had a lot of points saved from staying at Hilton hotels in the past, so I used these points to stay at this hotel now for free for a few nights, since I have no money now. By the way, you and I use to stay at Hilton hotels in the past a few times, and we had an absolute blast when we did this! You kinda like hotels like this one, and we wish you were here with us now, Hayley.

So Jacki and I just got here today, and she showed me the library where she use to work at, which is part of the university she attended. Wow- there are SO many books at this library. Jacki is very smart, and now I know why.......... Then, we walked around the town of Athens, Georgia, and it was a very beautiful day outside. We walked past this diner, and the manager gave us free drinks. This was very cool. We met some other really nice people as well during the day as we walked.

And I might be starting a new job as a medical editor for a lady who owns medical information companies. I'd be revising the writing of various advertisers, since I happen to know a great deal about medical stuff. This lady read some of what I've wrote in the past, so this is why she wants me to work for her.

It's advice time:

There was a guy in Germany who lived a long time ago named Frederich Nietzsche. He was a great philosopher- philosophers add great value to life. Mr. Nietzsche once said that whatever does not kill you, makes you stronger. What he meant was, when you are hurt in any way- physical or emotional- if you in fact survive, you are a much stronger individual as a result.

Because you are stronger due to these various traumas inflicted upon you, you then find yourself refusing to stay down when you are knocked down either by other people, or events that have happened your life. This is a very good way to be in your life, Hayley. Always get back up when you have been knocked down in your life. You will be a much better person in your life as a result.

I love you very much,


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